Konica Minolta

Service delivery driven organisation made effortless with Atajo™ to colour the path for innovation.

Konica Minolta South Africa stands at the forefront of IT intelligence. Konica Minolta is the principal importer and distributor of the award winning Bizhub range of digital multifunctional printers and production presses, in addition to laser printers and business solutions.

Konica Minolta South Africa has a solid support infrastructure and distribution network in place – with 17 branches and 49 dealerships countrywide – catering for businesses of all sizes across southern Africa.

They strive to deliver excellent service as well as top of the range products on demand in an affordable and timely manner. This required an effective holistic approach that streamlined their sales team, together with their technicians and support team to improve business efficiency.

Business Challenge

Challenges that needed to be addressed

Konica Minolta faced many challenges owing to time delays, human error and escalation of costs due to the slow paper based process.


  • 300 technicians in the field having to travel back and forth from the office to return and capture documentation, which generates massive amounts of paper work daily
  • Manually capturing data and info into SAP for billing purposes
  • Slow paper based process
  • High cost of documentation storage, having to archive documents for a 5 year compliance period
  • Escalating telephone and call centre costs related to the co-ordination of field service activities and service call outs
  • High travel costs
  • New service requests and tickets cannot be opened and initiated whilst onsite, the technicians were therefore unable to address a customer’s problem immediately
  • Inaccuracy around VAN stock in the field
  • Real-time visibility of VAN stock

The Way Forward

To improve efficiency, transparency and service delivery in a cost effective manner

After an analysis of the business requirements, the Atajo solution assisted Konica Minolta in mobilising their systems in a real-time framework. This mobilisation of systems required full integration directly into the SAP backend system in a single customised and comprehensive enterprise application.

  • Electronic job card sign off
  • Electronic proof of delivery service
  • GPS SAT navigation
  • Cycle counts and accuracy of VAN stock
  • Technicians chat forum for Konica Minolta technicians
  • Service request initiation, with technicians being able to log and open a ticket and address a customer’s problem onsite
  • Seamless data integration into SAP backend
  • Electronic document archiving
  • Operational performance visibility
  • Service orders on site

Solution Benefits

The solution comprised of a full mobilisation of a paper based business resulting in increased productivity, reduced travel, administration and documentation costs and improved customer satisfaction

  • 12% improvement in field service productivity
  • Decreased costs in communication
  • Increased stock visibility
  • Billing time significantly reduced
  • Reduction in data capture costs and archiving, more than 1 million documents archived every 5 years
  • Increased customer service
  • Improved efficiency

The Atajo Platform

  • Secure data transactions, customer sensitive data secure in the field
  • Cloud
  • Platform independent
  • Always available with offline capabilities
  • Signature app development
  • Integrated with SAP backend system


ATAJO platform’s abilities

  • Offline and Online Capabilities
  • Custom Development and services
  • Reliability in Transaction Process and Management
  • Comprehensive Support
  • Community Management
  • Back-end Integration Capabilities
  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • Platform Independent and Intuitive User Interface
  • Back-end to device communication and Vice Versa
  • Multiple device integration and management
  • The ability to integrate with the devices API’s, i.e. camera, GPS, keyboard, etc.
  • Mainstream technologies
  • Emphasis on Security

Atajo is a multipurpose development platform integrating most backend systems and stakeholders, on the most suitable device for the business solution at hand. Atajo’s intended outcome is to mobilise business processes, increase productivity through mobilisation and reduce costs through the promotion of an ‘Eco-Friendly’ solution.

Seamless integration, secure connectivity, effective support structures and the option of full end-to-end management in both an on-line and off-line mode, whilst monitoring the usage, success and stability of the implemented solution.

For any questions, email us at info@atajo.com.

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