Peninsula Beverages

Peninsula Beverages drive their sales force to new heights and save hours by mobilising their business

Established in 1940, Peninsula Beverage Company (PenBev) now employs over 1300 individuals and strives to provide Coca-Cola products to all vendors wishing to supply the Coca-Cola products. These vendors range from a Small owner operated enterprise to conglomerate organisations.

PenBev is the local bottler of the Coca-Cola Company products in the Western and Northern Cape of South Africa. PenBev offers a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages on behalf of Coca-Cola and deal exclusively in Coca-Cola products.

They successfully support retailers and traders with ‘on-time’ deliveries, free signage and coolers, in-store advertising and promotions, and advice on making their businesses more profitable.

Business Challenge

Challenges that needed to be addressed

PenBev were experiencing inefficiencies in time delays, escalation of costs and lack of visibility amongst other challenges with their sales force


  • PenBev’s Sales Force time was not used optimally as they often had to return to their Head Office to complete and return documentation
  • Escalating costs of document storage due to the corporate governance compliance
  • Lost revenue where their Sales Force were spending an unnecessary amount of time in admin and travelling, instead of sourcing new customers and providing sales training to small vendors
  • Lack of visibility and tracking of assets in the field
  • Time delays were experienced in addressing a customers problem onsite and the placing of new orders along with service and repairs to the coolers in store, this hampered the high customer service standards
  • Duplication of data captured
  • Travel routes of both Sales Force and Technicians were often duplicated

Technical Situation

Having adopted a philosophy of mobility, PenBev used both SAP and to gain a competitive advantage. Like most technology solutions, these had dated and a revised, more optimal, cost effective solution was required that could adapt to the growth of their business.

Other technical concerns included:

  • PenBev needed a highly customised environment
  • Due to the inconsistent nature of mobile networks, a software platform that could operate offline, retain data and then process and push data to both SAP and, was required
  • Integration into SAP and backend systems

The Way Forward

PenBev needed an exceptional mobile software product to meet world class expectations to a diverse range of vendors within an extensive business portfolio.

The solution PenBev required was a Salesforce Automation application that incorporated:

  • Incorporated ordering of stock for vendors
  • Asset verification/tracking Customer information updates
  • Service requests for assets in the field
  • A full mobilisation of paper based business processes

The Solution also required:

  • Increased client satisfaction through Client relationship management by the sales agents
  • Full off-line capabilities
  • A reliable job queue system
  • Be fully integrated into both SAP and
  • Scanning Capabilities
  • Full integrated support
  • System analytics
  • User analytics
  • A User Interface that is easy to use
  • Transactional visibility to PenBev, the technician and Britehouse support
  • PDF report forwarding to client, head office, line management and storage database

Solution Benefits

Atajo Mobile delivered a range of benefits, including an enhanced work force and internal collaboration:

  • GPS integration
  • Transaction history and data that is visible to PenBev Sales force, technicians and support team
  • Increased customer service through client relationship management
    Enhanced visibility of all assets in the field as well as the Salesmen’s whereabouts
  • Efficiencies in automated sales process
  • Expense reduction in administration, telephone, travel and document storage costs
  • Time saved and duplication minimised in administrative responsibilities
  • Increased control over corporate governance


ATAJO platform’s abilities

  • Offline and Online Capabilities
  • Custom Development and services
  • Reliability in Transaction Process and Management
  • Comprehensive Support
  • Community Management
  • Back-end Integration Capabilities
  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • Platform Independent and Intuitive User Interface
  • Back-end to device communication and Vice Versa
  • Multiple device integration and management
  • The ability to integrate with the devices API’s, i.e. camera, GPS, keyboard, etc.
  • Mainstream technologies
  • Emphasis on Security

Atajo is a multipurpose development platform integrating most backend systems and stakeholders, on the most suitable device for the business solution at hand. Atajo’s intended outcome is to mobilise business processes, increase productivity through mobilisation and reduce costs through the promotion of an ‘Eco-Friendly’ solution.

Seamless integration, secure connectivity, effective support structures and the option of full end-to-end management in both an on-line and off-line mode, whilst monitoring the usage, success and stability of the implemented solution.

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